Kidnapping of persons in Switzerland

Kidnapping in Switzerland, although rare, remains a traumatic event that often plunges families into deep anguish. NEUHAUS Enquêtes Privées, a private detective agency in Geneva, offers you to search for people with whom you have had an unwanted break in contact.

We can also help you prevent such an event or participate in the search for the missing person, in addition to the police and gendarmerie authorities.

Having developed recognized expertise and know-how, our private detective firm intervenes in the context of kidnappings, worrying disappearances and searches in the interest of families.

Kidnapping in Switzerland: the agency’s means of action

All our actions to find people who have been kidnapped or lost to follow-up comply with the legal framework in force in Switzerland and allow you to use our report in court.

First, our private detective firm asks the family for all the information they have on the kidnapped person, in order to formally identify the target of the investigation and avoid any risk of ‘disambiguation. We then take action quickly and efficiently to actively participate in finding the kidnapped person.

Our investigative methods in the search for a person who was kidnapped in Switzerland are largely inspired by those of the official services in order to make the best use of all the available clues. In addition, we guarantee the confidentiality of serious and professional work.

To keep you informed in real time, our private investigators can be contacted at any time, including at night, if the investigations require it. We are at your disposal to find your loved ones as soon as possible.

Our philosophy is to bring, to each of our clients, our expertise as a private detective in matters of investigation, tracing of people in the case of kidnappings, private and judicial investigations and the fight against fraud in the ‘insurance.

Each case is different and we take each file to heart, simply because the passion for this profession guides our actions.

Contact our private detective agency by phone or via our contact form to make an appointment. We assure you discretion and confidentiality!