Neuhaus Private Investigations – FAQ

What is a private investigator?

Private detectives,

also called private investigators, are recruited professionals specializing in the search for information, facts, property and people. They are trained in the surveillance of people and carry out all kinds of investigations (civil, criminal, social, private, etc.). Private investigators are not police officers and cannot apply coercive measures.

Some of them have police training.

Private detectives require a keen eye, excellent observation skills and an analytical mind. They use a number of surveillance and investigative techniques to gather specific information on the topic or situation in question.

What does a private investigator do?

Private detectives carry out investigations in various fields (criminal-civil-social-searches for persons, etc.). They typically perform the following tasks:

  • Carry out different types of surveys, research, using computer or non-computer tools.
  • Carry out surveillance (search for, follow or monitor a person without that person noticing).
  • Check a person’s schedule, their movements, their habits, their contacts,
  • Establish facts by gathering evidence for or against, to present to the court if necessary, with the aim of seeking the truth
  • Search for people in Switzerland or abroad

What is the cost of a private investigator?

The cost of a private investigator varies widely depending on a number of factors such as the investigative services you need, the length of time the case takes, and more.

Like a lawyer or any other specialized professional, the price of a private investigator is charged according to his experience and skill level.

The complexity of investigative services varies widely, as do their costs. For example, a search for a missing person in Switzerland, maybe as simple as a Google search. Or it could take months or even years.

How to become a private investigator or an investigator?

Private detective training is not regulated in Switzerland. In Romandie, only the cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel and Jura issue authorizations. Private detective agencies and seasoned ex-police officers offer their staff internal training, on the job, of different duration and content. However, since 2019 federally recognized training for observation specialists has been organized by accredited agencies (LPGA-OPGA provisions).

To be a private investigator, the candidate must be honest, persevering and enduring, inspire confidence (to trigger confidences), have good interpersonal skills and be very discreet. Finally, a sense of observation and logic are essential to elucidate the investigations.

The legal limits of a private detective

Illegal entry

The law does not allow a private investigator to illegally enter private property while on the job. This means that a private investigator does not have the right to destroy locks, use forced entry and other illegal methods to enter a residence, office or business establishment.

Illegal video recording

Private investigators are prohibited from filming the subject inside private property through an open window, for example.


An investigator cannot hack into someone’s social media accounts or email accounts. As a result, a private investigator cannot obtain various types of protected information such as the location of bank accounts, financial records, and telephone records.

Power of arrest

No power of arrest. Private detectives are not allowed to make arrests.

Can you receive a free quote?

Absolutely, you can call us on +41 79 796 48 20 or contact us through our contact form. A free, non-binding quote will be provided to you by our private detective agency.

How to choose the right private investigator?

Hiring a private investigator shouldn’t be a rash decision. During the first contact, you should ask him several questions to find out more about everything that is important to you, in particular the planned strategy and the means committed. Make sure he can justify proper training. Ask for an estimate of the total cost of the service.

Also find out how to bill and ask the investigator to provide you with a detailed bill for the services provided.

Our private detective agency and the confidentiality of your files

The information we collect during an investigation is strictly confidential. The police are not even allowed to retrieve our clients’ confidential reports and evidence, or any personal information. However, you can give your consent to release the details to the authorities or file them in court if you wish.

Can our private detective firm work with your lawyer?

Absolutely. Our private detectives active throughout Switzerland (Lausanne, Geneva, Naeuchâtel, Yverdon-les-Bains) are used to working with lawyers when necessary.

Why hire our private investigators?

If you decide to use our private detective agency, you can rest assured that our investigators will react quickly as they are well trained, master the IT tools and know the field. You will also receive advice on the most effective ways to get the answers you need. We work with advanced equipment.

Who can hire a private investigator?

The services of a private investigator can be invaluable in a wide variety of situations. At Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées, we regularly take files from individuals, companies, insurance companies and lawyers. Here are some examples of the types of clients who contact us every day for investigations.

  • For the purposes of civil investigations, clients hire a private investigator to conduct investigations related to conflicts between people, regarding child custody, locating people, and all problems related to family, neighborhood, work, etc.
  • As part of insurance investigations, a private investigator is hired to verify the facts of an insurance claim or fraud, particularly against insurance fraud
  • Lawyers hire private investigators to work on behalf of their clients, typically in civil and criminal investigations.
  • Both the public and private sectors hire private investigators for a variety of investigations.
  • Investigators are also called upon for investigations within companies. This includes finding individual wrongdoing in a business, internal theft, business background checks, workers’ compensation claims, wrongful absences, unfair competition, and more.

Why do I need a private investigator if I already have a lawyer?

Most lawyers specialize in the practice of law and represent clients in legal matters. They may not be experienced in conducting private investigations and will frequently hire or ask the client to engage the services of a licensed private investigator. Generally speaking, you can hire a private investigator on your own or have your lawyer hire one for you.

Can investigators testify in court?

Generally speaking, yes. Investigators and private detectives testify in court whenever necessary. Supervisors may sometimes be called upon to testify about their observations if the matter is hotly contested.

Is the private investigator still meeting my goals?

A reputable and well-trained investigator will always perform their assigned task with professionalism and prove it to you by providing a full report.

For example, although an investigator may be hired to conduct dynamic surveillance of a person, no one can guarantee that a person will be able to be followed successfully 100% of the time. Indeed, difficult circumstances can always arise and events are unpredictable, especially in a busy urban environment.

However, a team of experienced and qualified investigators like that of the private investigator Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées employ strategies and allocate appropriate resources that lead to positive results in the majority of cases.

Why hire a private investigator if the police are already on the case?

It is actually a very good idea to get the help of a private investigator in addition to that provided by the police to speed up the progress of the case. A private investigator will only focus on your case, while a police officer must deal with several cases at the same time. Once in possession of all the relevant details, an investigator can discuss with the client how he or she can complete or support the police investigation. Sometimes the police won’t be able to help until an investigator collects evidence that can be used in the case.

When to consider that investigations are successful?

At Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées, we consider an investigation to be successful if the customer is satisfied.

Therefore, we believe it is important for a client and a private investigator to communicate very clearly on how the investigation will be conducted at the outset. What we can say with confidence is that the Neuhaus Private Investigations team is able to provide its clients with information that helps them in the vast majority of cases. Even when there is no immediate solution available, we may be able to uncover useful information that enables our clients to resolve the case on their own by taking a few additional steps.

Wondering if we provide survey services in your area?

Our offices are located in Neuchâtel – Yverdon-les-Bains and Lausanne, but we work throughout Romandie with employees based in Friborg, Geneva and Valais. We cover absolutely all the French-speaking cantons and we are active throughout Switzerland as well as internationally.

Who runs the Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées agency?

The licensed private detective agency Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées is headed by its founder, a former executive of the judicial police and current international expert in the fight against organized crime, regularly mandated for his expertise by international organizations. All its employees enjoy an irreproachable moral character and are trained in private investigation within the agency itself.

If you are looking for a private detective firm in Switzerland, do not hesitate to contact Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées and allow our team of investigators to help you. We exceed your expectations, not your budget!