Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées, licensed private detective in Lausanne

Whether you are facing a family dilemma or a professional faced with a scam, the Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées agency has the capacity to help its clients in Lausanne and its surroundings.

As a licensed private detective agency regulated by the Cantons, we operate strictly within the framework of the law and in full compliance with the necessary authorizations.

We have built an unrivaled reputation based on the personalized service, in-depth knowledge and expertise of a former police officer and it is this unique skill set that has helped us become one of the leading private investigative agencies. in Lausanne.

With private investigators with many years of experience, there are very few situations that we have never seen before, and more importantly, whatever your situation, we’re here to give you sound advice.

What are we investigating?

Whether you are worried about a partner, the assets or the staff of your company, our multi-talented team has expertise in private, commercial and legal investigations in Switzerland (Lausanne, Friborg, Vaud Geneva, etc.) and in the international.

From marital infidelity to insurance fraud and all other investigations, our private detectives based in Lausanne have the skills to uncover the truth. With a proven track record of success, you can rest assured that you will get the best service from a team of professionals.

Our private detective firm in Lausanne offers a full range of private investigation services, all carried out in total confidentiality. With Neuhaus Private Investigations, know that we have what it takes to uncover the truth with discretion and concentration. Thanks to our comprehensive monitoring, investigations and analyzes.

Hire a private detective in Lausanne

So, if you need to hire a private investigator in Lausanne and its surroundings, contact us today! Let us help you find the answers you seek and the proof you need. We are available 24/7!