Professional charter

Private Investigation takes the commitment to:

  • Rigorously observe the professional obligation of discretion and confidentiality whilst respecting client specificity
  • Scrupulously respect all laws in force and the code of ethics related to the respect of the right to privacy and fundamental freedoms of individuals
  • Offer high quality services
  • Observe the obligation to counsel a client if his/her intentions present any potential danger whatsoever
  • Stop all investigations underway upon client request
  • Clearly indicate service fees (an estimate will systematically be issued, and a detailed invoice with justifications will be provided at the end of each mission)
  • Regularly inform client throughout the mandated period
  • Supply a precise, detailed and documented report for each mission (this report is admissible in court)
  • Work in a manner to professionalize, and enhance the moralization, promotion and acknowledgement of the profession.