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Private divorce detective in Geneva

Going through a divorce is certainly not easy for anyone. And it becomes even more difficult when young children or other dependent family members are involved. There will inevitably be disagreements over how to allocate assets, care for children, and resolve other duties and obligations.

And this is where the need for accurate information comes in. Therefore, hiring a divorce lawyer is a no-brainer and hiring a private investigator should be your second decision.

Here is how our private detective agency rigged in Geneva can help you make a decision!

Search for evidence of indiscretions

If you suspect that your ex-spouse has been unfaithful to you or is involved in adverse activity, our private investigators can validate or confirm your suspicions.

Sometimes the only way to find out what’s going on is to hire a private investigator for the surveillance. We can be your eyes to bring you peace of mind and clear answers.

When it comes to financial matters, our team of Divorce Private Investigators will be able to collect vital information to be admissible in court. This will ensure that any financial claims that are discussed between you and your ex-spouse are based on completely correct information and that there are no hidden finances.

Background check

If your divorce is particularly difficult, and you suspect your partner of serious indiscretions, you may want to learn more about their past. Maybe he hasn’t been honest with you about his life before meeting you, and you have concerns about what he’s been hiding from you, our private investigators can investigate and provide additional support information.

You already get it, it’s not just about finding out about your ex’s infidelity, a private investigator, helping you build a stronger case while working alongside your family lawyer. We know what to look for and how to find information efficiently. Neuhaus Private Investigations has years of experience investigating, collecting information and evidence for divorce cases, and can help you feel confident in your divorce proceedings. Contact us!