Research missing persons

Our agency is at the service of anyone domiciled in Switzerland or abroad who has lost contact with a family member or a relative. Searches for people or missing people are often long and require patience and perseverance. The personal data of our customers are treated with the strictest confidentiality, such as the personal data of the requested person. The various stages of the investigation and the steps taken are all defined beforehand in agreement with the client.

There may be many reasons for a disappearance such as a breakdown in a family due to conflict, adoption, accident or for any other reason. However, other phenomena also scatter many families every year. Since 2014, the migration crisis of people crossing the Balkans or the Mediterranean Sea to escape war and other disasters is a major reason. Many families have been tragically separated.

A missing person impacts not only his family but also his relatives. A disappearance can be forced but also voluntary. Nevertheless, every time families and relatives of missing persons face enormous suffering and sometimes remain without any news for several months or even years. If in some cases it is tragedy, it is not always the case and sometimes, investigations can find the person or at least to establish important facts.

The network that our agency has established in Switzerland and abroad is relevant. Our agency is in contact with members of the most important international organizations such as the United Nations – the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe – the International Office of Migration – The Red Cross. This important network contributes significantly to the success of our research. Our agency also works in collaboration with other active research services in Switzerland and abroad.

To get the best chance of success, research preparation is essential. We ask our customers all the information in their possession. This is information about the person but also about his family and his wider entourage. We must also know his habits, his contacts or his means of moving.

In cases of disappearance, collaboration between our agency and the police may be appropriate and necessary for an exchange of information collected. However, such steps are always proposed or submitted to the customer for acceptance.