Insurance fraud

With 25 years in the judiciary, the director of Neuhaus Private Investigations focuses a part of the activities of the agency against insurance fraud, including against social insurance fraud. These are investigations where the police can sometimes be deprived for lack of time or lack of staff. Social insurance can not carry out all the investigations in order to prove the abuse.

In all insurances, it may happen for various reasons that insured persons receive benefits to which they are not entitled. Although this is not always fraud in the legal sense of the term. The law enforcement authorities routinely find that insured persons who do not fulfill the conditions of grant still try to collect or receive a social benefit with the obvious desire to deceive the insurance.

Unemployment insurance or disability insurance fraud is a scourge known in Switzerland as in other countries, which affects not only insurance but especially the entire population. In fact, every worker in our country contributes to the financing of unemployment benefits and invalidity insurance pensions through their contributions. Today, it is not so difficult for a person to abuse our social system. These abuses allow some to obtain undue social benefits for several months and sometimes for several years. These facts create significant costs for insurance and the entire community.

In the end, it is better to fight against abuses so that all the citizens of our country who need unemployment benefits or disability pensions can benefit at best over the period of time that they have.

The agency Neuhaus Private Investigations contributes to the fight against insurance fraud.