Private investigator against insurance fraud in Switzerland


With 25 years in the judicial police, the director of Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées focuses part of his activity on the investigation of insurance fraud. These are investigations where the police can sometimes be powerless for lack of time or lack of staff. Insurance companies cannot complete all the investigations in order to prove the abuse.

What is insurance fraud?

In all insurances, it can happen for various reasons that insured persons receive benefits to which they are in fact not entitled. While this is not always a scam in a legal sense, the fact remains that abuses do exist. The law enforcement authorities regularly observe that insured persons who do not meet the eligibility conditions still attempt to collect or receive a social benefit with the obvious desire to deceive the insurance.

Why do I need an insurance fraud investigator?

Insurance fraud, unemployment insurance or disability insurance is a scourge known in Switzerland as in other countries, which affects not only insurance but above all the entire population. In fact, each worker in our country contributes in particular to financing unemployment benefits and invalidity insurance pensions through their contributions. Today it is not that difficult for a malicious person to abuse our social system. These abuses allow some to obtain undue social benefits for several months and sometimes for many years. These facts generate considerable costs for insurance companies and for the whole community.

In the end, it is preferable to fight against abuses so that all the citizens of our country who need unemployment benefits or disability pensions can benefit from them at best over the period of time that is due to them.

In a Chamber judgment of 18.10.2016 on the illicit surveillance of a victim of a road accident by an insurance company in Switzerland, the European Court of Human Rights mentioned that there had been violation of Article 8 (right to respect for private life) of the European Convention on Human Rights and, that there has been no violation of Article 6 (right to a fair trial) of the European Convention. Also, the European Court of Human Rights has highlighted the shortcomings of our country in terms of private investigations. In a judgment of 14.07.2017, the Federal Court ruled that invalidity insurance did not have a sufficiently clear and detailed legal basis to make observations on insured persons suspected of insurance abuse. Our federal authorities immediately reacted and made the decision to allow the use of private investigators to better supervise the supervision of policyholders in the event of strong suspicions of fraud, within a better defined legal framework.

In January 2015, the Sunday newspaper “sonntagsblick” published a long article about insurance fraud at the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva). Suva has responded to the increase in the number of reports by expanding its anti-fraud system. Since 2007, the fraud case update has saved him more than 135 million francs. This is just one example that confirms the need to tackle insurance fraud.

The Neuhaus Enquêtes Privées agency provides you with qualified private investigators to effectively fight against insurance fraud.