All investigations, research, surveillnace and target following

Research, surveillance and target following are essential elements for investigations. Our agency concentrates on all inquiries which his customers wish. These are of very diverse nature and evolve in the time in a different way as the case may be. If an investigation can last a day, others will extend over several days, several weeks, even beyond. Research, surveillance and target following are three various very sensitive approaches and complex as well as difficult to be led. To do this, only professionals trained in procedures and in the investigations are able to carry out complex research, surveillance and target following efficiently and especially in any discretion.

Hardly of our experience, our agency knows how to advise to you in the best way. According to your needs and to your objectives, we recommend to you on the possibilities of investigation and on the possible difficulties which can be met. In every case, the best strategy of investigation will be proposed to you by his experts.

The setting up of research, surveillance and target following obviously takes into account, first and foremost, the budget available to the client. It is important to consider this element in order to define the rational and proportional possibilities of investigation in order to achieve the objectives that have been set. Once the best deal is found, the agency staff is able to conduct the optimally defined investigations. Its director, ex-executive of the judicial police supervises all the investigations and guarantees an irreproachable work which attests to the reputation of the agency. Of course, all our contacts are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

It should be noted that the laws in force are not obstacles to investigations. These can only be done correctly and professionally by respecting the laws and regulations in force. The laws serve to protect the personality and the fundamental rights of the people. The laws on the protection of personality and data protection are available on the portal of the Swiss Government in French, German, Italian, Romansh and English. Failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations will be counterproductive to the investigation. The result will only be distorted and the consequences prejudicial. Failure to comply with the laws would initially turn against the investigative agency and its staff, or even against the client. For all these reasons, the agency Neuhaus Private Investigations and its staff are committed to working professionally and conscientiously while respecting the laws and regulations in force. Its director is the guarantor of the good procedures within the agency.

The equipment used is at the forefront of technology. Our staff constantly follows the evolution of the market to adapt its resources to the requirements of our missions