Additional private and judicial investigation

The agency Neuhaus Private Investigations offers highly qualified private detective services. It offers its services to companies, law firms, agencies, institutions and all private clients. All inquiries are handled with the utmost discretion and in a strictly confidential manner. Our teams work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Switzerland and abroad. The agency benefits from a network of important contacts in Switzerland and abroad which allows it to carry out important and complex investigations.

Our firm is based in Romandie. It focuses on investigations where the police can not investigate due to lack of time and / or staffing. The private investigator does not replace the police but can be complementary in the complements of investigations, whether of private order or judicial order. Our agency is composed of trained people who solve the investigations in the strictest respect of the laws. Its director, former executive of the judicial police, directs all the investigations that are carried out by the agency and thus guarantees a service of quality and irreproachable confidentiality to its customers.

Throughout the investigations, the client is informed according to the frequency he wish. At the end of the investigation, a detailed report is written and provided to the client. This document comprehensively includes all the elements obtained and / or observed during the investigation. If necessary, during complex investigations or over a longer period of time, one or more intermediate reports can also be written and provided regularly. The reports of the agency can be brought to court by the client. In that case, it is then up to the competent authority to take appropriate action based on the report.

The agency also responds to any requests for further investigation that clients deem necessary and useful in the context of a civil, criminal or judicial case in which they are involved in one way or another. But we are also at your disposal for any other personal inquiry that you wish. Your requests are all considered and if necessary discussed to determine the best approach and solution to carry them out.

The complements of private and judicial investigations can prove to be not only important but crucial for the search for the truth. We carry out computer research, field research and this without territorial limits. We also conduct surveillance and target following without limit in time.

For each case submitted to the agency for additional inquiries, we listen carefully to the wishes and intentions of the client. We discuss the elements already in his possession and define the objectives that are to be achieved. Together, we evaluate the possibilities and define objectives as quickly as possible. If necessary, we advise the client on the basis of our wide experience and we propose the different alternatives.

At the beginning of each investigation, the strategy and the content of the investigations to be conducted are discussed with the client and common sense will prevail for all sensitive cases. At any time, the client can choose to stop or suspend the investigations as he wishes.