Services of our private detective agency and civilian investigators in Switzerland

Using the services of a private investigator to solve his problems and his private or professional conflicts is more and more frequent. In fact, whether it is to obtain compensation for damage, evidence or even to institute legal proceedings, the victims in fact need irrefutable elements to defend their interests.

Investigation, research, surveillance, target following, complements of private and judicial investigations, insurance scam, disappearance and search of people, we solve any type of business in all confidentiality and discretion.

Intervening on behalf of our clients in several areas, we provide them with all the material proofs and information necessary to draw up their findings, namely photos, videos, recordings or any other necessary document.

Working in full respect of the rules in force, we commit ourselves to put in full day the whole truth by following legal methods which no longer have any secret for our private detectives.

Its director, former executive of the judicial police, supervises all the investigations and thus guarantees a service of quality and irreproachable confidentiality to its customers.

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All investigations, research, surveillnace and target following

This type of action is neither obvious nor within the reach of everyone. Indeed, research, surveillance and target following can not be improvised. On the contrary, there is a lot of work to think about and requires the intervention of an expert in investigation.

The civil investigators of NEUHAUS Private Investigations, are specially trained to any type of investigation. They have faculties of adaptation and anticipation that allows them to carry out their missions.

Operating on Swiss or abroad, we put all our experience and expertise to the benefit of your needs and objectives. We explain the procedures to be followed and any difficulties you may encounter. We advise you on the best investigation strategy to adopt while taking into account your budget constraints.

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Additional private and judicial investigation

A service for professionals (companies, law firms, different agencies and institutions) and individuals. Our civilian investigators undertake to carry out additional investigations relevant in civil, criminal or judicial side.

Rich with a wide network of contacts throughout Switzerland (Lausanne, Geneva …) and abroad, our private detective agency implements all modern technical means to achieve the desired result.

Guarantying you an irreproachable discretion in all their interventions and their steps, our civil investigators will submit to you a detailed report, likely to be given to the judicial or administrative authorities competent to assert your rights.

Relying on responsive listening, and unlimited availability (24/7), we make a point of understanding the objectives and intentions of each of our customers, to offer them the different possibilities of investigation in order to achieve the most effective and rapid results.

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Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud may be considered a breach of trust that will lead a person to take advantage of certain circumstances to cheat in order to receive funds.

Not being able to carry out all the investigations to bring the necessary proofs of such acts, the social insurance in Switzerland are facing an important challenge. As a result, our federal authorities have allowed the use of private investigators to answer the need to fight against social assurance fraud.

Aware of this challenge, our agency NEUHAUS Private Investigations concentrates also its energy to send its highly qualified investigators in the field to carry out investigation.

Our service: Fraud to insurance

Research missing persons

To find any missing person, NEUHAUS Private Investigations is your agency of investigative specialists. With our experience, we are competent to meet all your expectations and to fill this unbearable void that is the absence of a loved one.

Our private detectives have at their disposal all the techniques and all the necessary equipment to optimize their research and investigations.

Rich contacts in important networks of organizations for the search for missing persons such as the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the International Office for Migration and the Cross Red, we put all the chances on our side to find yours.

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Private detective training

Among our services, we help you become a private investigator.

NEUHAUS Private Investigations gives you the opportunity to make your dream come true and build on your investigative skills. We offer you the opportunity to take exceptional courses and benefit from the best skills in this area.

Combining theory and practice (legal bases, principles of investigation, investigation, target following report writing, etc.), we provide you with a high quality private detective training in Switzerland at the end of which a certificate will be issued.

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